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Kulit - How to Treat Acne Face Mask With Apples. Apples are a kind of fruit, or fruit produced from the apple tree. Apples are usually red and his skin when ripe (ready to eat), but can also be green or yellow skin. Rather mushy fruit skin, flesh hard. The fruit has few seeds in it.

People first began planting apple in Central Asia. Now the apples grown in many areas of the world that the air temperature is cooler. The scientific name of the tree in the Latin language is Malus domestica. Apple cultivation is a descendant of Malus sieversii Central Asian origin, with most of the genome of Malus sylvestris (apple forest / wild apples).

Benefits apples to kesahatan
1. Prevent Cancer
Based on the results of a study, the content of pectin in apples is very effective in preventing colon cancer. In addition, the content of flavonoids, quercetin and naringin in apples also excellent for preventing lung cancer.

2. Healthy Gastrointestinal
The fiber content owned by apples is very good to help heal the digestive tract. Fiber in apples also excellent for preventing hunger comes more quickly, it will make weight loss more awake. The fiber content in apples is also very good to bind fat and discard the bad cholesterol.

3. Preventing Diabetes
Diabetes will come if the hormone insulin in the body increases, but the content of pectin in apples could supply galacturonic acid that can lower the body's need to finally release the hormone insulin. It certainly makes good apples into the controller so that someone will be furthest from diabetes.

4. Strengthen Bone Health
By eating apples could protect the bones and increase bone mass, it is because apples contain flavonoids called phloridzin. The content is very good to protect women who have osteoporosis problems. In addition to the content, apples also contain boron which is very good for strengthening bones.

5. Protect Brain From Free Radicals
If the brain is attacked by free radicals then it will trigger to be attacked by Al-zheimer disease. However, based on the results of a study, apple is also very good to protect the brain from free radicals, it is because apples contain substances called with Quercetin.

6. Reduce the Risk of Esophageal Asthma
Based on the results of a study if a pregnant women to consume apples regularly then the children in the womb will have a lower risk of developing the disease.

7. Mouth Fresheners
Apples contain tannins which a cleaning agent and breath freshener. In addition, Apple is also very good to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

How to treat facial acne using the benefits of fruits are already widely proven its worth. In addition to nourish the skin, the fruit is also safe to use masks for oily skin types. You surely know the benefits of honey for a face that is useful as a natural moisturizer and is able to remove the black stain of acne scars.

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