Cara Merawat rambut kering - Beauty and health are the two sides of the same coin. You cannot possess either in isolation. Indeed a healthy person is naturally beautiful and the reverse is also true. It is a fact that health and beauty go hand in hand. Health is the metabolic efficiency in all people and beauty brings joy to the beholder. The following are some health and beauty tips that are simple and easy to follow.

Firstly, find ways to move your body. Always make it a point to use the stairs rather than elevators or escalators unless you are pressed for time. If you are overweight, eat less or exercise more to have a youthful body. The daily regime of either calorie restriction or exercise increase has positive effects on the body function. It is important to keep diabetes under control if one is diabetic or even take preventive measures to reduce the onset of diabetes and the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hyper tension, and cancer or lung disease. Sedentary lifestyle is the greatest bane of health and beauty. It is imperative to exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 or 6 days a week. Indulge in anything that moves your limbs. It is not only a beauty and fitness tool, but a stress reliever as well. You can move around in small time intervals. It will be definitely far more rewarding if you could devote 45 minutes to 1 hour for any physical activity.

The next of the tips is - learn to say no to fried foods, burgers and other fatty meats. Reduce the intake of cheese, butter, nuts, sauces etc. Drinking water is one of the best beauty and health tips we can all follow. Water is essential for virtually every function of the body. The average person needs 1 to 3 liters of water a day. Drink with meals, as well as before, during and after exercise. Remember during your workouts, cold water is more readily absorbed.

The most important of the beauty and health tips is to quit smoking. It is mandatory to be a non smoker in order to improve the overall beauty and health of the individual.

Try to reduce stress filled situations. It is always easier said than done. Devote 30 minutes a day doing something you enjoy. Keep your temper under check and count to ten before losing your temper or getting aggravated. Stay away from people whom you find difficult to cope with. It is also important to practice oral hygiene and stay in a pollution free environment to remain healthy.


Recent studies suggest that a glass of wine or one drink a day is good for the heart, but take it easy!Gulping down glasses of wine can cause health problems such as liver and kidney disease as well as cancer.

There are many health and beauty products available in the market right now. They bring in different promises, guarantees and offers. Think for a while before making the purchase. Collect the details of the products you intend to buy. You should ensure that the product will do well for your beauty and health which you are looking for in it. Health and beauty products do help to improve your skin, health and fitness.

The link between genetics and beauty and health is a powerful one. But if one follows these basic beauty and health ,it is possible to live a healthy and beautiful life.Finally, stay positive. There`s an ultimate connection between positive outlook and healthy and happy living. We all agree to the fact that a beautiful mind exists in a beautiful body That is the best of all beauty and health tips.

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Mary Rose has authored several books including books related to dating,love and marriage.For more information logon

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Cara menghilangkan keloid secara alami - Have you cornered yourself into some ugly color poster printing? Yes, it does happen. I know it can be hard sometimes to find the right design elements for the perfect poster print that you want. Even if you are skilled, sometimes a color poster printing design can still not work in certain circumstances. Do not worry though. It is normal to fail sometimes and get ugly color posters.

The real trick to succeed here is to know the common tricks and ensure yourself some decent looking color posters before printing your posters again. Let me give you five standard ?beauty tips? that your ugly color posters might need to get, to make them look decent enough. Just follow the beauty tips listed below.

? Cleaning up the layout ? The first step in making your ugly color posters look better is to clean up your layout. Most ugly posters are ugly just because most of its elements are out of place or plainly out of whack. The images might not be in the most ideal place, and the text and other smaller graphic elements are just cluttering the wrong areas. While some might be trying for that grunge dirty look that looks messy, there is still a fine line between artfully dishevelled and downright ugly.

So to help you clean up your layout, the best way is to get some poster templates. Templates should give your layout a nice and clean foundation to start with. Just get a poster template that is appropriate for your custom posters and then start reordering your custom poster elements based on the guidelines and format of the poster template. With this, you should be able to get a great foundation that looks clean and good (and never ugly).

? Tidying up the fonts ? Next, you should review the fonts of your ugly posters and see if it is bad or outdated. A good beauty tip for any color poster update, would be to use new fonts fresh out from the new font artists out there. Especially today, there are more and more Web 2.0 fonts that you can use for your own color posters which can really help make them impressive. Use something that is simple that still has a certain distinct style and your posters should look much more beautiful.


? Making coherent color themes ? Beauty of course can also be found in color. That is why fixing your ugly posters means controlling your design colors and making coherent color themes. My best recommendation to help you with this is for you to visit websites that offer free suggestions on color schemes based on just one color. Just use a search engine and search for ?color theme maker? or something similar and you should get hundreds of sites and forums that help people choose a good and coherent color themes for anything, especially color posters.

? Using the right kind of pictures ? Now, to make a beautiful color poster, you must use the right kind of beautiful pictures of course. So it is important that you move away from simple clip-arts and still portraits and use the right kind of pictures that makes a color poster beautiful. Today, I would recommend that you take pictures yourself using a digital camera, or just buy some professionally developed images from professionals online. With original image sources for your color posters, your designs will be clearer and of course will look more beautiful.

? Printing presentably ? Making beautiful color posters also means printing them in a presentable manner. Cheap rough paper will not display a great design the way it is supposed to be. You should instead, try to make your color poster designs presentable by using glossy paper that is thick and durable. By spending money on more high quality poster printing materials, your posters will look far more beautiful and more impressive with all that gleam and polish riding in it.


Great! Now you know some beauty tips for your color posters. Good luck in making those ugly posters look great!Article Source: Delaney is specializing in writing articles on a printing company. Try to check out this website for more information about color poster printing, and see the best way to make your online poster print.

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Cara melebatkan bulu mata - Are you getting tired of looking at the mirror and seeing your boring and thinning hair? You regret having neglected your locks by using harsh products and not even checking out the ingredients before using them? Or perhaps you feel sorry you have abused your tresses by carelessly applying heat treatments and pressures with the use of your straightening and curling irons time and again?
Do not worry; you are not on your own in this. There are far millions of women all over the globe who are now agonizing in the same hair loss problem. Check out the following tips which may help you regain the hair you`ve once had as a younger girl:
Get rid of damaged hairs by having a ½ inch hair cut.
You will read it anywhere that to ensure growth of your locks, the very first thing to do would be to have a hair trim of about half an inch and leave them to grow again for about three to four months. That way, you purge further damage the split ends on your locks will bring to your mane. At the same time, you can be confident that you will not have any more problems on how to get your hair to grow faster the minute you have done the most crucial step.
Apply essential oils then give your head the rub down it needs.
You have the option of putting olive oil to your locks and kneading the entire head to relieve the stress and at the same time enhance better blood circulation which is known to trigger growth of hair follicles in women. It would be best if you could first make the oil warm so that it would be more relaxing and soothing for you. After which you can wash the oils off in an hour.
Wash your locks with herbal shampoos.
Before you wash up, make sure that your scalp has properly absorbed all the essential oils you have applied and massaged into the roots of your hair. Then make sure to wash the oils off using shampoos known to contain mild ingredients. In that way, you will be assured that the shampoo and conditioner you are using will be gentle to your scalp which can address your ultimate concern of how to get your hair to grow faster.
Cease shampooing your hair everyday.
Avoid applying shampoo or other hair products on a daily basis. Otherwise, you might just end up having lifeless, frizzy and boring hair that will come across as a turn-off to most guys. What is more, shampooing daily can take away the natural oils of your hair which can cause it to become dry and uninteresting.
There is no doubt that if you will just follow these 4 practical solutions to how to get your hair to grow faster, you will right away notice major changes in your thinning hair. At that instant, you can right away bid your farewell to your monotonous and brittle tresses once and for all.
Finally, Wouldn`t You Love to Have a Glowing Head of Hair That Would Turn Every Man`s Head for a Long Admiring Glance and Freeze Other Women in Their Tracks with Envy?
Discover How I Make My Hair Grow Faster, Longer, Thicker, Silkier, Shinier, Manageable and More Beautiful With This Amazing Ancient Hair Growing Secrets Formula...
Plus: It will Instantly Turn Lifeless, Dead, Frizzy, Damaged , Brittle , Dull, Chemically Treated Hair Into Longer, Thicker, Healthier, Silkier, Bouncier And More Manageable Hair In As Little As 14 Days Guaranteed And Do It All Naturally And Safely In The Comfort Of Your Own Home!
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Use these 6 free beauty tips to make your hair care that much easier:

Cara menghitamkan rambut secara alami

1. Test the strength of your hair by pulling a strand taut between your fingers. If it snaps easily it has probably been damaged. Be cautious with the use of hair dryers and heating appliances and use a heat-protective product first.

2. For a light, natural looking finish when using hair spray on fine hair, apply the hair spray to the hairbrush, then brush through the hair thus ensuring even distribution.

3. Use a range of volumizing products to build volume into fine, flyaway hair. A volumizing shampoo can do so much, but using a volumizing shampoo, conditioner and styling spray can make a huge difference.

4. Avoid hair frizzing by not brushing your hair when wet. Only use the brush when your hair is somewhere between damp and dry. Then use the blow dryer and a round brush until it is styled and completely dry.

5. To get the maximum effect from hair conditioner, be sure to leave it on the hair for the required time. As it can be difficult to approximate how many minutes, try and have a clock visible so a full 5 minutes is given for the ingredients in the conditioner to do their work. It is also important to work the conditioner well into the hair, almost like giving yourself a head massage. To get good results the product must come in contact with the hair itself.

6. When blow-drying the hair, divide the hair into three or four sections. Clip unwanted sections out of the way to allow you to concentrate on one section at a time. Trying to cope with the whole head at once can be difficult.


Mike Jones is a writer and webmaster with over 10 years experience. Check out his informative Plastic Surgery Research Library here:

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Cara Mempercantik Wajah Tanpa Menggunakan Make Up - Lalu bagaimana cara agar tampil cantik tanpa harus menggunakan make up Berikut kami Hindari untuk memakai sabun yang keras saat mencuci wajah
Rahasia Tampil Cantik Alami Tanpa Make Up
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Rahasia Tampil Cantik Tanpa Make Up – Wanita mana yang tidak mau mempunyai wajah cantik Semua wanita menginginkan wajahnya tampil cantik
Nggak Suka Pakai Makeup Cara Ini Akan Membuat
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Sep Wajah yang cantik rasanya nggak lengkap tanpa alis dengan bentuk yang sempurna Jika kamu memilih untuk tidak mengenakan makeup
Tips cara CANTIK ALAMI Tanpa Make up Wajah YouTube
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Sep Tips cara CANTIK ALAMI Tanpa Make up Wajah Sering kita lihat Foto Artis korea
Tips Cantik Alami yang sangat Dahsyat Ampuh dan
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Setiap perempuan menginginkan tips cantik alami supaya wajah terlihat bersih dan Tidak hanya merawat kulit wajah tips cantik alami tanpa make up juga
Cara Mempercantik Wajah Tanpa Make Up Cara
https plus google com WdvsmpRNbD Translate this page Wajah Cantik Rambut Secara Alami

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Diet - Tips are naturally slim .. If we see mostly Japanese women are slim. Very rarely do we see obese people in Japan. Then if the Japanese society hides a secret way to be slim of this world.

Apparently not! Only we do not ever want to see it. And what are the Tips slim style Japanese women? This is it! Tips:

1. Fish

The Japanese women eat about 69 kg of fish per year. Replace ground meat with fish in addition to lean one way also to lower the disease risk jantung.Oh yes their favorite fish is salmon.

2. Ketchup

Japanese people are also consuming soy in large numbers. From the existing research even up to 10 times that of other countries in the world. For this slim tips, Now you may say WOW!

Why can become a way to slim? because the soy sauce in Japanese society has a low content of fat and calories. And has a high protein.

3. Fresh fruits and vegetables

For those women who often try a variety of tips langing, must have known that one way menjad slim by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Japanese women do it ... and you also make time to be slim.

4. Soybeans

Slim natural way is to give food with ingredients from soy. And it has become mandatory for Japanese women.

5. Variety of food

Most Japanese people eat many kinds of food. Even for women who are older Japan. They may eat different foods 100 days. Stars do not know to do with the slender tips, but this method should be tried. If it fails so weve already bloated right: D

6. Healthy Breakfast

If in a country called Indonesia, breakfast was definitely less than lunch and dinner. But unlike the Japanese society. Breakfast portion of Japanese women are usually more than lunch and dinner.

But if the thought with logic. This is true also of how slim .Coba deh ya ......... you imagine with an imagination:

If breakfast is the number that`s a lot to work from morning to afternoon / evening. So depleted fat for energy rather than stored. Nah loh if you eat a lot during the night. It`s food for what? Most most the night time for sleep. So fat will accumulate

Oh yes if you want more extreme use Japanese women how slim. Try to eat green tea, a bowl of rice, miso soup with tofu, seaweed nori, and coupled with a little omelette, or a piece of grilled fish. It is a classic food Japanese society.

7. Noodle

Japanese women reputedly one of the slender tips is to eat noodles. Pantes wrote many different types of noodles in Japanese society. Contohlah Soba, Udon, Ramen, and Somen. For noodles in Indonesia artificial stars less know whether they fit with the rules of how slim he he. So remember pas buy expired food.

8. Eat rice

The last of the slender tips, are relatively Japanese women eat very little rice. They only eat two small bowls.

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Kulit - How to Treat Acne Face Mask With Apples. Apples are a kind of fruit, or fruit produced from the apple tree. Apples are usually red and his skin when ripe (ready to eat), but can also be green or yellow skin. Rather mushy fruit skin, flesh hard. The fruit has few seeds in it.

People first began planting apple in Central Asia. Now the apples grown in many areas of the world that the air temperature is cooler. The scientific name of the tree in the Latin language is Malus domestica. Apple cultivation is a descendant of Malus sieversii Central Asian origin, with most of the genome of Malus sylvestris (apple forest / wild apples).

Benefits apples to kesahatan
1. Prevent Cancer
Based on the results of a study, the content of pectin in apples is very effective in preventing colon cancer. In addition, the content of flavonoids, quercetin and naringin in apples also excellent for preventing lung cancer.

2. Healthy Gastrointestinal
The fiber content owned by apples is very good to help heal the digestive tract. Fiber in apples also excellent for preventing hunger comes more quickly, it will make weight loss more awake. The fiber content in apples is also very good to bind fat and discard the bad cholesterol.

3. Preventing Diabetes
Diabetes will come if the hormone insulin in the body increases, but the content of pectin in apples could supply galacturonic acid that can lower the body`s need to finally release the hormone insulin. It certainly makes good apples into the controller so that someone will be furthest from diabetes.

4. Strengthen Bone Health
By eating apples could protect the bones and increase bone mass, it is because apples contain flavonoids called phloridzin. The content is very good to protect women who have osteoporosis problems. In addition to the content, apples also contain boron which is very good for strengthening bones.

5. Protect Brain From Free Radicals
If the brain is attacked by free radicals then it will trigger to be attacked by Al-zheimer disease. However, based on the results of a study, apple is also very good to protect the brain from free radicals, it is because apples contain substances called with Quercetin.

6. Reduce the Risk of Esophageal Asthma
Based on the results of a study if a pregnant women to consume apples regularly then the children in the womb will have a lower risk of developing the disease.

7. Mouth Fresheners
Apples contain tannins which a cleaning agent and breath freshener. In addition, Apple is also very good to prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

How to treat facial acne using the benefits of fruits are already widely proven its worth. In addition to nourish the skin, the fruit is also safe to use masks for oily skin types. You surely know the benefits of honey for a face that is useful as a natural moisturizer and is able to remove the black stain of acne scars.

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Wajah - How to treat the face with a banana fruit. Who does not know a banana? This bright yellow fruit has a flavor that is unique and special because it can block the stomach is rich in healthy carbohydrates. Bananas, including one fruit are easy to find everywhere. Indonesia is a tropical country and bananas are one of the crops that thrive in the tropics. Due to abundant, bananas sold at an affordable price. Efficacy bananas not only as a source of carbohydrates, but also a source of vitamins, fiber and beta carotene. Reportedly, the consumption of one banana a day keeps you from a heart attack! Banana is special! Not just the meat, it turns out a banana peel was no less amazing. If you have just regard them as rubbish, from now on you should think again. Because the benefits of banana peel is quite diverse and clinically tested. Do not believe? The following descriptions.

From now on do not ever throw a banana peel ripe for banana peels could not be used for skin care. Want to know how amazing banana skin for your beautiful skin care?

Treating dry feet

Ripe banana is a household remedy for treating dry feet. Apply ripe banana skin in areas of dry skin / broken-pceah on your feet. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The result will be absolutely stunning, you will get a gentle foot through one time process.

Pimples and black spots

Bananas are a natural anti-bacterial properties and is excellent in treating black spots on the skin and acne. Antioxidants and vitamins contained in bananas are also useful for preventing premature aging of the skin. Make a mixture of mashed banana with a tablespoon of milk, a pinch of nutmeg, and one tablespoon of oatmeal. Then apply the mixture on the face that have black spots or pimples. Wash after it is absorbed and the mixture dry on your skin.

Dry eyes

Eat bananas every day can be very useful to prevent dry eyes. Because bananas are rich in potassium, they will help to control the release of sodium and fluid balance in your cells that can prevent dry eyes.

Dandruff, dry hair, and curly

If you have a problem dry hair, dandruff, or a flaky scalp, face masks bananas can help you. With regular use, banana mask can increase the levels of water on your hair and also soothes itchy scalp. It`s easy, for a mixture of honey with a spoon to eat 2-3 2-3 ripe bananas pulverized / crushed. Before applying the mask, wet your hair to provide moisture. Subsequently apply banana mask on your hair with massaging into each strand, hair follicles, and skin kepa you. After that, wrap the hair with plastic wrap or a shower cap for about 30 minutes. Then wash / rinse the hair with shampoo as usual.

Dry skin

Bananas are a source of vitamin A and potassium. Both of these nutrients are very good at softening and moisture. Take a banana then puree in a bowl. Add one tablespoon of granulated sugar in the bowl. apply / rub with a fine mixture to face or your hands are dry. Mashed banana is very good as a scrub to get rid of dry, dead skin.

Yellow fruit has good efficacy for the face. With use, skin will be moist and chewy. Very good to rejuvenate the skin.

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Rambut - Caring for Dry and expands. Hair or fur is often called thread-like organ that grows on the skin of animals and humans, especially mammals. Hair emerges from the epidermis (outer skin), although derived from hair follicles that are far below the dermis. Hairlike structures, called trichomes, are also found in plants.

Hair healthy and beautiful to be the desire of every woman. But sometimes many things that make the hair become damaged. Among them is hair loss, dry hair and split ends.

Damaged hair can be caused by several things, including prolonged exposure to the sun, exposed to various chemicals from hair care products that are not safe, or because of an error in treating the hair itself.

Then what kind of hair care is right that are not easily damaged, dry or branched? Okay, consider the following tips:

1. Cleaning Hair

Wash your hair every day or every other day using a shampoo that contains vitamin E. This vitamin is good for repairing damaged hair. Make sure you clean the rest of the shampoo when the hair rinse with cold water.

2. Use Hair Conditioner

Once a week, use a conditioner after shampooing with a shampoo and let stand for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing. Make sure there are no remaining conditioner when rinsing hair. When using conditioner, be sure not on the scalp because it will make hair limp and greasy.

3. Apple Vinegar

Apple Vinegar reduces damaged hair and make it finer. Mix one tablespoon of corn oil with half a cup of apple cider vinegar and two cups of water. Apply the mixture to the hair after shampooing, while the hair is still wet. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse clean without using shampoo. To get rid of the pungent aroma of apple cider vinegar, you can daub conditioner on the ends of hair. Do this treatment twice a day, for maximum results.

4. Mayonnaise

Fatty acids in mayonnaise served to soften the hair and improve hair`s natural oils. After shampooing and drying the hair with a towel, apply one tablespoon of mayonnaise on your hair and wrap your hair with a shower cap or hot towel. Let mayonnaise seep into the hair for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse with baby shampoo or herbs.

5. Natural Oils

Use natural hair oils such as coconut oil, sunflower oil or almond oil to improve the softness and smoothness of hair. You do this by applying natural oils on the hair after shampooing, hair with warm towel wrap, let stand 15-20 minutes. Then rinse the hair thoroughly.

6. Olive Oil

Once in two weeks, apply warm olive oil to wet hair before wash. Let stand for five minutes, then berkeramaslah with shampoo as usual. To warm the olive oil, use a microwave.

7. Do not Rub

While drying the hair, you should squeeze the hair with a towel rather than rubbing with a towel. Hair rubbing causes friction which can create further damage to the outer layer of the hair.

8. Hair Combing

Use a wide toothed comb to comb the hair. No need to comb my hair many times, simply do until the hair does not tangle again.

9. Aloe Vera Gel

If you want to make the hair becomes greasy (wet look), use aloe vera gel than hair gel. Pure aloe vera that do not contain alcohol may help repair hair. Aloe vera gel can be found in leading drug stores.

10. Avoid Hair Dryer

Avoid drying the hair by heating. This method can make the hair become stressed which led to further damage. Preferably dry hair by means dikipas or ventilated.

11. Vitamin B

Consumption of vitamin B complex every day. The content of the vitamin B complex biotin strengthens the hair. You can get vitamin B complex in eggs, nuts and bananas.

12. Cutting Hair

Trim your hair regularly. The only way to overcome the split ends is to cut it.

Well, there are several ways to care for damaged hair, dry and branching. May be useful for those who need it.

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Memiliki rambut yang lurus adalah keinginan bagi seorang yang rambut di rebonding oleh karena itu banyak sekali yang rebonding tanpa harus mengeluarkan uang sepeserpun sudah bisa sebenernya tanpa harus mengeluarkan uang sedikitpun yaitu dengan cara alami caranya juga simple sebenarnya kalau kita niat untuk membuat rambut kita menjadi lurus

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